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Shower Panels

Altogether innovative design material and proven technology makes thrilling transformations
easier…epic, even.  - Wilsonart

Maintenance and cleaning is easier. Without grout and isn’t porous like natural stone, wiping down is easier if down regularly.

Shower walls are a modern alternative to traditional tile, offering a sleek and stylish look. They are waterproof and require no grout, making them a great choice for any bathroom remodel. Shower walls come in a variety of designs like marble, stone, and wood, and are lightweight yet tough. They resist mold, scratches, and scuffs and can be installed in one day. This makes them an ideal choice for any bathroom renovation.


Shelf shower
Double Shelf Recessed Antique White

Double Shelf 
Antique White

Single Shelf Recessed Antique White Shower

Single Shelf 
Antique White

Corner Shelf Antique White Shower

Corner Shelf 
Antique White

Double Shelf Recessed Designer White Shower

Double Shelf  Designer White

Single Shelf Recessed Designer White Shower

Single Shelf 
Designer White

Corner Shelf Designer White Shower

Corner Shelf 
Designer White

Panel Choices

Tahiti Sands Shower Panels

Tahiti Sands

Larisis Marble Shower Panel

Larisis Marble

Arezzo Shower Panels


Augusta Calacatta Shower Panels

Augusta Calacatta

Cosenza Shower Panels


Torrone Marble Shower Panels

Torrone Marble

Calacatta Statuario Shower Panels

Calacatta Statuario

Staccato Shower Panels


Legacy Ash Shower Panels

Legacy Ash

Aria White Shower Panels

Aria White

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